Samuel J. LaMarca

Samuel J. LaMarca is the firm's E-Discovery & Trial Technologist. He has been working in the legal profession for over 30 years and has been with Dempsey & Dempsey for 26 years. In addition to conducting legal research, he assists in the preparation and response of motions, pleadings and discovery. Sam also provides skip tracing and investigation services to the firm.  He is responsible for keeping the office current with the latest computer technology and tools necessary for attorneys and staff to better serve our clients.  He has put together an impressive "state-of-the-art" computer network and dictation system that allows the attorneys to access files and to work remotely from any location.  Sam is also a part of the firm's "trial team," where he assists attorneys with making illustrations of crucial evidence, medical records, videos and exhibits to the jury through the use of legal presentation software. He can be reached by telephone at (716) 885-8646 Ext. 120


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News: Medical Errors
Research has confirmed that 440,000 people die every year because of preventable medical errors. That is equivalent to almost the entire population of Atlanta, Georgia, dying from a medical error each year. Preventable medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the United States and cost our country tens of billions of dollars a year.

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